How To Repair Your Septic System's Broken PVC Inlet Pipe


If the PVC inlet pipe leading into your septic system from your home froze and cracked, then it is important that you repair it as soon as possible. Leaking septic pipes leach unsanitary wastewater into the soil in your yard, and this presents a health hazard for your family.  Follow this procedure to replace the damaged portion of the pipe: Step 1: Dress Safely for Working Near Raw Sewage When you are working in the area of your septic tank, you need to wear long pants, boots, and gloves to keep you safe from bacterial contamination.

28 February 2017

2 Ways to Keep Your Drain Pipe in Good Shape


One of the most important things that you can do as a homeowner is to keep your drain pipe in good shape, mostly because a clogged or damaged sewage drain pipe can cause waste to flood into your yard or cause waste to build up in the home. Listed below are two ways to keep your drain pipe in good shape. Be Very Careful About What Goes Down Your Drains

11 October 2016

Septic Tank Checks To Do As A New Homeowner


When you move onto a new property that already contains a septic tank, it's a good idea to have your septic tank thoroughly checked for maintenance issues. This guide will help you to spot any problems so you can get them taken care of right away.  Locating the Septic Tank You might not be able to see the septic tank at all if it's under the property. If you can't locate it visually, ask your town if they have any records for the septic tank's location.

29 September 2016

Why Is My Septic Tank Filling Up So Fast?


Even in a home with many people, a septic tank should be able to last a few years without needing to be drained. If you find that you're having to empty your tank every few months, something is functioning incorrectly. Some problems are easy enough to handle on your own, but others may need to be taken care of by a plumber or septic repairman. Over-Use Even a moderate-to-heavy surge in the use of toilets, showers, and sinks usually won't cause your septic tank to fill up completely every few months.

7 August 2016

3 Problems That Can Plague Your Rural Restaurant's Plumbing


When you are the owner of a restaurant that is in a rural part of the country, it's critical to maintain the plumbing system so that it is working for your day-to-day operations. This is especially true when your restaurant uses a septic tank instead of a city sewer system. Unfortunately, there are issues that can be overlooked that will potentially cause big problems. Be aware of these three problems that you may run into with your plumbing.

19 July 2016

Green Alternatives To Traditional Septic Systems


You can definitely help the environment when it comes to all aspects of your home, and your septic system is a good example. Here are some examples of ways you can make your septic system greener if this is a goal that you have. Green Fiber Systems One approach you can use that can help is a bio system that uses natural bio-fiber instead of the traditional artificial filters. The goal with these systems is to trap bacteria that will help break down the contents of your septic tank faster.

14 June 2016

Keeping Your Septic System Flowing Right


Making sure that your entire septic system is functioning properly involves more than a single chore to get right. There are several components that make up your septic system and if just one goes wrong it can be a minor disaster, as well as a major bill to repair. Proper maintenance is the key to reliable operation, ensuring that everything flows from your drains to its final destination without incident.

24 February 2016